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Thread of 1000 Stories

Curating Canada’s largest collection of stories of faith in everyday life.

#104: Charles Ellington

by Lloyd Mackey on March 10th, 2017

Charles Ellington is a “product” the Protestant Orphanage in Victoria. Ellington later played a pivotal role in the transitioning of the traditional and now-outmoded orphanage to a multi-faceted government-assisted cluster of family services and facilities.

#103: Inspiring Missions in Vancouver

by John Hall on 2017-03-09

Missions Fest Vancouver has served the Christian community of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for 34 years. What began as a small collaborative effort to put on a mission conference between a number of churches in the region, has now grown to be an organization that serves the church community all year long. In fact, we now run the largest annual Christian mission conference in North America.  Read more ›

#102: Reaching our Mothers

by Gideon Strauss on 2017-03-03

In his eighth regular dispatch from Montreal’s faith-rich Outremont district, Gideon Strauss meets Nora Chénier-Jones and Jennifer Dorner, the women who co-founded Pluralisme Outremont, a group promoting an appreciation of diversity in Outremont's schools. Read more ›

#101: Coming Home from Hate

by Gary Rose on 2017-03-03

In a Canadian home, the memories of suffering and heartbreak, the warmth of Yazidi hospitality, the gift of peace, and a tapestry of stories that brought new Canadians to "the land of milk and honey" mingle together. Read more ›

#100: Giving Space

by Gideon Strauss on 2017-02-24

Leila Marshy, the daugther of a Palestinian refugee, moved to Outremont in 2008. She grew to understand the Hasidim in her community and what they were contributing to her neighbourhood. When tension surrounding the referendum arose, she spoke out in support of her local synagogue. Read more ›

#99: Prayer Houses

by Jennifer Neutel on 2017-02-23

Calgary’s interfaith community hosted Habitat for Humanity build days during UN World Interfaith Harmony Week in early February. Pictured: a clergy build day last August in Calgary. Read more ›

#98: The Reading Light

by Helen Warner on 2017-02-22

A decade ago, Helen Warner felt a calling to help incarcerated women keep their bond with their children. Since then, she has been recording women in custody reading to their children. Through this experience have come countless stories of the strength of love. Read more ›

#97: The Sidewalk View

by Gideon Strauss on 2017-02-10

In his seventh regular dispatch from from Montreal’s faith-rich Outremont district, Gideon Strauss meets with Emile Kutlu, the president of the Laurier West Merchant Association, responsible for the commercial interests along this street that runs along the southern end of the borough of Outremont to Mile End.  Read more ›

#96: Margaret Burwash

by Marguerite Van Die on 2017-02-10

Margaret Proctor Burwash had a keen interest in the welfare of female students at the University of Toronto’s Victoria College, and believed that their education should be largely in the hands of women. Read more ›

#95: Leonard Loved The Light

by Douglas Todd on 2017-02-07

Most biographers focus on how Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen was rooted in Judaism and how he took up Zen Buddhist practice. Many fans also recount his fondness for psychedelics, wine and the erotic. Yet it’s especially intriguing that, despite his iconoclasm, Cohen also appealed to millions who are active or nominal Christians.   Read more ›

#94: The Silent Fall into Love

by Jennifer Neutel on 2017-02-06

A group of multifaith Calgarians meets every week for a contemplative service. Together they focus on experience rather than language or doctrine, and experience the peace and rest that silence offers.     Read more ›

#93: To Wake Up the Heart

by Gideon Strauss on 2017-02-03

In the sixth of his regular dispatches from from Montreal’s faith-rich Outremont district, Gideon Strauss talks to one restaurant owner of Jewish background who was drawn to Sufi Islam. Read more ›

#92: Agnes Macphail

by Terry Crowley on 2017-02-03

Agnes Macphail was Canada’s first female member of Parliament. She, a radical, believed in thinking anew about collective problems rather than reverting to outmoded prescriptions.  Read more ›

#91: Harmony in Halifax

by Jennifer Neutel on 2017-02-01

As we begin World Interfaith Harmony Week 2017, Jennifer Neutel shares how Halifax has become a model of religious diversity and openness.   Read more ›

#90: Bill Blaikie

by Nigel Hannaford on 2017-01-27

The Hon. William (Bill) Alexander Blaikie (born 1951) is a former federal Member of Parliament and Manitoba provincial conservation minister, now occasionally teaching a course on faith and politics at the University of Winnipeg. One of the leading exponents of late-twentieth century Canadian Christian socialism, Blaikie was in opposition during his entire twenty-nine and a half year career in federal politics. Nevertheless, he is considered to have been a successful and effective politician, and one of the fathers of the Canada Health Act. Read more ›

#89: Façades and Values

by Gideon Strauss on 2017-01-27

This week author Gideon Strauss brings us an alternate perspective on the ongoing conversation occurring in Outremont over the borough referendum campaign supporting a ban on new places of worship on Bernard Avenue.   Read more ›

#88: Hasidic Joy in Outremont

by Gideon Strauss on 2017-01-18

Each week Gideon Strauss brings fresh perspective as he explores the unique intersections of faith and tradition in his new neighbourhood of Outremont, Montreal.  Read more ›

#87: David Toycen

by Nigel Hannaford on 2017-01-13

Over his 42-year career with World Vision Canada, David Toycen led the organization to raise more than $4 billion to assist some of the world’s most vulnerable children, families and communities.  Read more ›

#86: Bridging and Building Communities

by Dennis Ouellette on 2017-01-12

Dennis Ouellette shares highlights from his time as a pilot, visiting remote communities in northern Canada. Read more ›

#85: Frank C. Peters

by David Ewert on 2017-01-06

Frank C. Peters became president of Waterloo Lutheran University (which would later be renamed Wilfred Laurier University) used his leadership and relational skills to help that institution move from the private faith-based sector into the public sphere. Read more ›

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