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Thread of 1000 Stories

Curating Canada’s largest collection of stories of faith in everyday life.

#166: Home at Prayer

by Claire Brown on September 21st, 2017

In her Golden Thread submission, Claire Brown shares how close prayer is to her heart, and the place of her church in her life and community in Kingston.

#165: The Rich Present Of Past And Future Faith

by Kevin Wiebe on 2017-09-19

Kevin Wiebe, the pastor of a small country church, shares what has consistently held together his community: faith. And the costs that commitment has created. But most importantly, how that same faith has sustained his people for generations. Read more ›

#164: Of Faith and Fairies

by Ariella Kimmel on 2017-09-11

At a sacred ceremony at the Turtle Lodge on Sagkeeng Territory, memories of her grandmother flooded Ariella Kimmel. In her Golden Thread submission, Ariella reflects on her faith, the legacy of her grandmother, and how visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau in the presence of loved ones living and gone was a significant part of her faith journey. Read more ›

#163: Pieces of a Bigger Story

by Meredyth Campbell on 2017-09-07

Inspired by Faith in Canada’s Thread of 1000 Stories initiative and in response to the “Our Story” focus, students at Niagara Christian Collegiate were invited to participate in a visual storytelling project. The goal was to create a mosaic of story tiles to represent that each individual plays a role in the NCC story and in God’s larger redemptive narrative. Through simple words and images, students were asked to share their understanding of how faith has shaped their stories. Read more ›

#162: George Monro Grant

by William Christian on 2017-08-31

George Monro Grant pursued the academic life after an injury prevented him from taking over the family farm. Grant immigrated to Canada at 25 and began an influential career organizing and fundraising. He would go on to spend twenty five years developing Queen's university into a successful institution. Read more ›

#161: From Tolerance to Respect

by Kit Schwarz on 2017-08-30

This story is not my own— it’s the story of a friend, a Muslim, who to me represents all the astonishing beauty, all the unstinted warmth and diversity, all the generous understanding, of this country we live in. Read more ›

#160: In The Palm of God's Hand

by Sophia Wasylinko on 2017-08-29

There are three things about me that might surprise someone outside the family. First, we homeschool; second, I have five siblings (Ana, Juliana, Teresa, Adrian, and Timothy), who are all younger than me; and third, my dad (tato) is a priest. Read more ›

#155: God's Smile on the Hill

by Braydon Westerveld on 2017-08-28

In his Golden Thread submission, Braydon Westerveld writes on the ways one member of Parliament's faith informs his life and decisions. Read more ›

#159: Remembering Bishop Ruiz

by John Walsh on 2017-08-28

Ordinary women and men grow to be leaders. The examples are too many to list. No one is hard-wired to become a leader. The experiences of life are their greatest teacher. So it was with Bishop Samuel Ruiz. Read more ›

#158: George Rawlyk

by Laurie McBurney on 2017-08-25

Historian and professor George Rawlyk was a bear of a man who was tapped to become a professional football player, but opted for a scholarly life of research, writing and teaching, mostly about evangelical religion’s role in Canadian history. Read more ›

#157: A Life Serving God

by Hannah Rose Marshall on 2017-08-24

Grade 8 student Hannah Rose Marshall shares how her great-grandfather is a man that she believes has had a tremendous effect on many people’s faith by reason of his trust in the Lord and how he strives to get to know Him better on a daily basis. Read more ›

#156: Truth in Fantasy

by Celia Farrow on 2017-08-23

On an evening walk through dark woods with her brother, Celia Farrow explores the prospect that only a real and purposeful Creator could give us the means to find reflections of  divine in the imagined. Read more ›

#154: John Hunter

by Kevin Kee on 2017-08-18

As one-half of Canada’s most famous evangelistic duo, John Hunter’s mesmerizing preaching and dramatic delivery attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of Canadians—including the nation’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. Hunter’s forte was Bible exposition, using extemporaneous preaching with theatrical overtones. With an actor’s sense of informed improvisation, he drew on his surroundings to enliven and enrich his message. In this way, he tried to make religion a vital and attractive force capable of changing lives. Read more ›

#153: God Beyond Instagram

by Sean Hedley on 2017-08-16

In his Golden Thread submission, Calgary lawyer Sean Hedley explores faith expanding through culture from a fixed place called home. Read more ›

#152: Changed By Friendship

by Kara Brunsting on 2017-08-15

Led by faith, Joseph Cramer founded the House of Friendship – a place to help those new to Canada, especially Jewish refugees. Grade 8 student Kara Brunsting reflects on his impact on his Canadian community. Read more ›

#151: Robert McAlister

by James Craig on 2017-08-10

Robert Edward McAlister played a foundational role in the early growth of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), the nation’s largest Pentecostal denomination. His labours as an evangelist, pastor, organizer, teacher, writer and missions promoter helped the PAOC grow from twenty-seven churches in 1919 to over one thousand today. Read more ›

#150: A Home of Charity

by Shaye Falle on 2017-08-10

Shaye Falle has been influenced by the posture of generosity with which her grandfather has lived his life, and seeks to live the same way. Read more ›

#149: Thank You Joy Smith

by Sophia Bisch on 2017-08-08

Sophia Bisch shares her gratitude to Joy Smith, whose son’s courage proved to Joy Smith that ordinary Canadians, like herself, can stand up to human trafficking. Smith has committed herself to the fight against human trafficking. Read more ›

#148: Joy at Buddha Beauty

by Mary Dumka on 2017-08-04

August 6 is Canada’s National Day of Prayer and Mindfulness, an initiative of Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers across the country. On the day, Albertan Mary Dumka reflects on how learning simply Buddhist mindfulness practices have helped her in the moment and in the world. Read more ›

#147: George Parkin Grant

by William Christian on 2017-08-04

George Parkin Grant once said that “faith is the experience that the intellect is enlightened by love.” After a life-changing moment one December morning, Grant was determined to understand the meaning of the truth he felt in that moment. Read more ›

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