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Meet Our Partners: Chimp

April 27th, 2017

Founded in 2011, Vancouver company Chimp began “very quietly” with “the idea that everyone should have access to tools to easily integrate giving into their everyday lives.” Six years later, Chimp believes this more than ever, but their company is anything but quiet.

Rather, having partnered with organizations such as Bell, Hootsuite, Earls, TOMS, Lululemon and the Whitecaps FC, and charities like Big Brothers, Arts Umbrella and Peace Geeks, Chimp users have donated more than $210 million to over 6,000 charities via their vibrant online tool.

Structured for the purposes of helping Canadians give more easily to the over 85,000 charities that exist in Canada, Chimp offers tools that guide users through the process of opening a sort of online bank account for their charitable giving.

States Manager of Community Engagement Judy Boxer-Zack, “We want to encourage every Canadian to engage with the causes and charities that matter to them, and to do so on their own terms. We do this by providing the tools of a private foundation, but making them more accessible by making them available online and for free. So if you want to give money to a charity or a group of charities; fundraise for a cause with family, friends and colleagues; or run larger scale charity campaigns with an organization, Chimp is the only platform that you need.”

As 2017 dawns, Chimp is determined to encourage Canadians to bring giving to the next level. Reflects Boxer-Zack, “2017 has already been a significant year for Chimp as we recently surpassed the $200 million mark in processed charitable donations. $100 million of that has been given in just over the past 12 months. With the inspiration of Canada’s 150th birthday and the country turning its focus onto what it means to be Canadian and reflecting on its history and where it’s going, we think 2017 will be an incredible year for this country and for Canadians meaningfully engaging with what matters to them. We believe Chimp can play an important part in how Canadians give back to charity, and so 2017 should be a significant year for us and for charity in general.”

Part of Chimp’s move to make Canada’s 150th an opportunity to encourage Canadians to make giving a habit rather than a reflex has been the establishment of the #Give150 campaign. #Give150, established in concert with Cardus,  is an initiative meant to identify 2,500 Caring Canadians in Canada's 150th birthday year. Thanks to a significant patron, $150,000 of matching funds have been made available to benefit charities across Canada.

Exclaims Boxer-Zack, “At Chimp, we really believe that being charitable is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Setting up a recurring gift is the first step in integrating giving more fully into your everyday life and making a habit of giving back to others. Studies also suggest that giving makes us feel better and makes us happier, so giving regularly can be a first step in becoming a better citizen.”

Chimp is hoping to bring Canadians from coast to coast along on this journey of giving with them. “We hope you take this opportunity to engage with the charities that matter to you. This is your opportunity to make an impact, and to help shape Canada’s future through the organizations that you choose to support. The power is ultimately yours,” reflects Boxer-Zack.

Faith in Canada 150 would like to thank Chimp for its generous gift of partnership. For more information about Chimp, please visit:

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