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Meet Our Partners: Redeemer University College

April 12th, 2017

Founded in September 1982, Redeemer University College serves as a dynamic higher education institution that is committed to offering Canadian university students the opportunity to explore “the relation of faith, learning, and living from a Reformed Christian perspective.”

Dr. David Zietsma, Associate Professor of History and Vice President of External Relations and Enrolment states that, “rooted in the Reformed tradition, Redeemer pursues university teaching and scholarship from a Christian worldview. We educate students to think critically from a Kingdom perspective and to follow Christ's calling in ways that transform our communities and culture. Where will the Christian leaders for tomorrow come from?”

Redeemer University College focuses on preparing its graduates to engage in broader marketplaces with a variety of skill sets, but most importantly a posture of love. “Redeemer is committed to preparing graduates who will reflect the love and hope of Jesus Christ as they bring diverse perspectives to the complex questions we all face,” reflects Dr. Zietsma.

As 2017 dawns, Redeemer University College prepares itself to step into a new season of strategic renewal. States Dr. Zietsma, “The year 2017 is a year of revitalization for Redeemer. Earlier this month, we launched the largest fundraising campaign in Redeemer's history – the Re Campaign – that supports a strategic plan to renew the academic program, raise the university's profile, and ensure a stable financial foundation for the future.”

Committed more than ever to offering Canadian students the opportunity to spend their formative undergraduate years procuring a robust education from a Christian perspective, Redeemer University College sees their commitment as entwined with the aims of the Faith in Canada 150 initiative. Dr. Zietsma reflects: “We believe that faith-based institutions, including Christian universities, are an important part of the fabric of Canadian society. Part our own revitalization efforts therefore include participating in the Faith in Canada 150 network and bringing greater awareness to the role of Christian education institutions to developing citizens who can make a difference.”

Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary serves as an opportunity to reaffirm the important role that faith-based education plays in the formation of Canadian society. “In a society that increasingly relegates faith to the private, personal sphere,” observes Dr. Ziestma, “Redeemer believes in engaging the whole person: body and mind, heart and soul. The hyper-mediated society we live in can easily lead to isolation and fragmentation. Religious faith and faith-based organizations point to something greater than ourselves and our own personal fulfillment.”

As Redeemer University College continues to undertake the formation of dynamic, faithful Canadian leaders, they look to their fellow Faith Alliance members to share and advance a common vision. “As a Christ-centered institution, we work to ensure that our graduates contribute to their neighborhoods and communities by reflecting the love and hope of Jesus Christ,” states Dr. Zietsma. “At the same time, we are grateful for the efforts of all alliance members from many different faiths who share our vision for an engaged citizenry that contribute to a better society. We are glad to join together to bring greater awareness to the positive contribution of faith to our country.”

Faith in Canada 150 would like to thank Redeemer University College for its partnership. For more information about Redeemer University College, please visit: 

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