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Meet Our Partners: Trinity Western University

May 25th, 2017

In 1957, the Evangelical Free Churches of America (EFCA) charged a delegation to explore the possibility of establishing a liberal arts college devoted to the formation of godly Christian leaders in the Fraser Valley area. As the committee, led by Christian educator and church leader David Enarson, undertook their search, they encountered Seal Kap dairy farm in British Columbia. Struck by the conviction that the committee was “standing on holy ground,” members of the committee removed their shoes, dedicating the property and their plans to the service of the Lord.

Opened in 1962, Trinity Western University began as Trinity Western Junior College before becoming, under the leadership of its second president Dr. R. Neil Snider, a full accredited university in 1985. Today, TWU has a thriving student body of 3,600 students and over 26,000 alumni who live and serve in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Scott Fehrenbacher, Senior Vice President of External Relations says, “We are proud of our alumni. We graduate world changers at this university and are so proud of the impact our students had around the world.”

Nestled in the heart of Fort Langley on a sprawling 157 acre campus, Trinity Western University remains committed to their mission of "developing godly Christian leaders” equipped and empowered to “serve God and people in the various marketplaces of life."

Known for its commitment to providing students with a rigorous academic experience and ensuring small class sizes that allow for generative mentorship, TWU currently offers an array of 42 undergraduate and 17 graduate degree programs for students to take hold of. The only university to achieve an A+ rating in the Globe and Mail’s Canadian University Report for seven years in a row, TWU continues to grow and currently serves as home to four Canada Research Chairs in: Developmental Genetics and Disease; Interpretation, Religion, and Culture; Dead Sea Scrolls Studies; and in Patient-Reported Outcomes.

Observes Fehrenbacher, “We are an institution that exists solely to help develop Christian leaders in the various marketplaces of everyday life. We aren’t here to develop professional Christians but rather we are devoted to developing Christian professionals. Our country needs writers, professors, and business people of faith. We see that as our role in helping shape the future of Canada.”

As Canada’s sesquicentennial celebrations approach, TWU remains more committed than ever to forming godly Christian leaders who are ready and willing to serve in a variety of sectors across Canada and the globe.

“We have so much more in common than each of us realize." Fehrenbacher relfects. "As we continue to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Trinity Western University is hopeful and enthusiastic about where the Faith in Canada 150  initiative might bring opportunity and relationships between Canadians from coast to coast, helping shape a bright future.”

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