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Dr. Rebecca Horwood

Member, Cabinet of Canadians

Dr. Rebecca Horwood Ahead of her time, Rebecca has paved the way for wealth management and investment leadership in Canada since 1980. It was Rebecca’s acumen in math and her desire to help people reach their financial goals that inspired her to become an Investment Advisor.

She prizes family. Daughters Alexandra Horwood, Vice President & Investment Advisor, and Rosemary Horwood, Investment Advisor, earned their way onto the Horwood Team after performing with distinction in other companies and gaining valuable experience. Rebecca is a philanthropist who offers mentorship and governance along with money. In 2010, Rebecca and John Horwood joined forces with like-minded families to create Stronger Together, a partnership foundation.

Rebecca began her record setting career in 1980 as the first female Investment Advisor at Richardson Greenshields in the financial hub of downtown Toronto. She became the first female to qualify for President’s Council. In 1985, John Horwood and Rebecca married and two years later he joined her at Richardson Greenshields where together they created one of Canada’s most successful wealth advisory teams. In 2003, Rebecca became a founding member of Richardson GMP (then Richardson Partner Financial). In 2008, the C. D. Howe Institute acknowledged Rebecca’s expertise and invited her to join their new Charity Advisory Board. Wealth Professional recognized Rebecca as a Women of Influence in 2015, who has helped change the face of Canadian Wealth Management.