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Meet Our Partners: One Way Ministries

October 27th, 2017

This week, we feature our partners at One Way Ministries, an organization that serves the leadership community in the National Capital Region.

Founded in 1996, One Way Ministries has devoted itself to the flourishing of the region in which they are rooted, investing in and supporting leadership who are committed to advancing the gospel.

While One Way Ministries was initially founded as a funding organization, it soon became clear that the resources leaders required were not purely financial in nature.

Acknowledging the pressure and often overwhelming commitments required within the day-to-day life of Kingdom-focused leaders, One Way Ministries seeks to provide opportunities for leadership development, mentorship, and support for the spouses and families of those in leadership.

One Way notes that “we strive to be a type of ministry that most leaders will be able to open up to and trust. We hope they will share with us some of their most intimate thoughts, experiences, hopes, struggles and dreams. We pray that they will be moving towards intimacy with the Lord. That their prayer lives will be deep and multi-dimensional. The love of the Lord will overflow from their lives.”

One Way Ministries emphasizes the personal nature of their ministry and on holistic ministering to the leaders under their care. Unity, friendship, financial management, and health are all areas that One Way Ministries provides coaching and mentorship in.

“One Way Ministries’ mission is to reach the city by serving the leaders. Our mandate is to invest deeply into the lives of Kingdom leaders by getting to know the names and circumstances of the leaders we engage with. We will seek to facilitate safe places and cheer leaders on in both their successes and their challenges.”

As Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary draws to a close, One Way Ministries would like to emphasize a spirit of collaboration amongst partners in the Faith Alliance and the communities of which each organization finds themselves rooted. They note, “There are many issues important to all of us. Working together in unity is a powerful opportunity for partnership. It has been our experience that working with others in Ottawa has brought us great joy.”

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