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Give 150

Charity is all around us. From soup kitchens to philharmonic orchestras, some of the very best things in public life are the results of generous giving. You may not even realize it, but you are surrounded by countless acts of charity. In order for public life to flourish, then, giving matters. So, the steady decline in Canadian giving is serious since it will have public consequences. 

Of course, we know that the teachings of many religious communities stress the observance of regular giving, and the faithful stewardship of resources. Giving does not get in the way of life, but is the way of life. But even religious groups today are not immune from the general decline in giving we see across the broader Canadian culture. 

So, how might we change this? 

We want to create a new culture of generosity in our country! Giving shouldn't only be reactionary – a one-time response to a specific campaign. Being generous should be a way of life. 

That's why we're working with Chimp, a foundation that believes everyone should have access to tools that can easily integrate giving into their everyday lives. By setting up a Chimp account, any individual has their own free foundation, with the tools needed to give to any registered charity in Canada: on their own, with friends, with family, or with social networks. 

Give150 is an initiative meant to identify 2,500 Caring Canadians in Canada's 150th birthday year. Thanks to a significant patron, we have access to $150,000 of matching funds to benefit charities across Canada.

Here’s where you come in.

  • Upon setting up your account you receive a gift of $15 to give away
  • Your first donation will be matched up to $15
  • If you set up a monthly recurring donation, Give150 will match the first two months up to $15 each
  • That means you could have up to $60 to give to the charities you love, and get you started on your lifelong journey of giving.

Charities that join the movement can set up a “Giving Group” with the hashtag #Give150, so that individuals can easily find them and donate.


Our hope is that we will get at least 2,500 Caring Canadians to kick-start the growth of a robust community of givers for this year and the years to come.

Be part of the change, and join the #Give150 movement as we inspire Canadians to boost giving as a habit, not a reflex. 

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