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Join the #Give150 movement and make 2017 Canada's most generous year yet! Learn more

Give 150

Give150 aims to identify 1,000 Caring Canadians in Canada's 150th birthday year. And we have a gift for you. 

We'd like to give you $150 in matching funds to give to the charities you love!

(Up to $25 per month for up to 6 months)

Sign up today and you'll automatically receive a $10 Charity Gift Card as well. 

Charity is all around us. From soup kitchens to philharmonic orchestras, some of the very best things in public life are the results of generous giving. You may not even realize it, but you are surrounded by countless acts of charity. In order for public life to flourish, then, giving matters. So, the steady decline in Canadian giving is serious since it will have public consequences. 

Of course, we know that the teachings of many religious communities stress the observance of regular giving, and the faithful stewardship of resources. Giving does not get in the way of life, but is a way of life. But, even religious groups today are not immune from the general decline in giving we see across the broader Canadian culture. 

Resources for Charities:

You can encourage the movement by using the hashtag #Give150, so that individuals can easily find you and donate. Check out Chimp's Guide for Social Fundraising

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